BP Gems is an online jewelry boutique that offers bold, fashion forward gems at a variety of price points.  

          The concept of BP Gems is short for BARGAIN PRINCESS- a one stop shop where savvy conscious shoppers can enjoy 

          a BARGAIN yet treat themselves to finer gems fit for a PRINCESS. 

         With two different collections, BARGAIN (shop till you drop, everything under $5) and PRINCESS (splurge a little, you deserve it) 

         shoppers will have the opportunity to choose what they want.

         Jennifer, founder and creator of BP Gems is an up and coming online Beauty & Natural Hair video blogger- known as BARGAINPRINCESS

         With over 5 million channel views, Jennifer’s excitement for bargains and love for all things princess-like is seen in each piece of jewelry 

         that is handpicked just for you!